I am addicted to contests! THERE! I said it! And boy does it feel good to get that out into the open! I love contests... All contests.... Any contest!

"Want to win a trip to Disney?" Sure! Which mommy of a three year old little girl would not love that trip?

"Disney on ice?" Not quite Disney land or Disney World but yes.

"Disney plush doll?" Of course!

"Disney stickers?" Oh my yes!!!

It doesn't have to be anything I need or anything I want for that matter. It is the thrill of knowing I threw my name in a hat and it happened to be chosen, picked, drawn.... Whatever.... It means I beat out x number of people and came out on top! (insert horribly evil, albeit pathetic, laughter here). Don't judge me! I cannot help it.

All of this started a couple of years back when I won an all inclusive trip for two to any Sandals or Beaches resort in Jamaica. As if that was not enough, six months later my husband called me saying how he won the exact same trip. Since then I have won a 500$ stroller, 200$ worth of goodies from a beverage company, a number of DVDs, movie premieres and so on. Not bad huh? And the thrill I got from winning the all inclusive trip was no different than the thrill I got from winning a pair of tickets to a movie premiere or a pair of ear buds! So naturally when Canada Luggage Depot asked me to come on board to write a blog for them what I really wanted to do above all else was to enter their monthly contest. The toss up was fierce! What to do? What to do? Write a blog? Enter the contest? Decisions, decisions.

The item up for grabs for the month of April is a 3 piece Featherweight Expandable Spinner luggage set from the MANCINI Liteflite Collection valued at 435$. Now being the contest junky that I am, surely you can understand the intense desire I had to throw my name in the hat. But I decided to take on the writing offer instead and then proceeded to go on www.canadaluggagedepot.ca to check out just what this particular suitcase set was all about. Verdict... excellent prize and right now they have it on special for an even more excellent price.

I spent quite a bit of time going from category to category, looking at a wide assortments of dufflesluggages, backpacks, travel accessories, laptop bags and briefcases, handbags, wallets and so on. I was impressed by the selection, quality and prices being offered. I am proud to be the newest member of the Canada Luggage Depot family even if this means I cannot take part in any of their contests. If you haven't already entered do yourself a favour and fill out the form on our contest and giveaways page.

Contest ends at the end of the month so hurry. Don't forget to share with your friends and family. Yes I know that just lowers your odds of potentially winning but don't be greedy... Share! Remember Karma is a good thing. Congratulations in advance to whoever will be the lucky winner. I hope your new suitcases will accompany you to beautiful and exotic destinations. After all... Have luggage, will travel! Bon voyage!


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