Hardside vs. Softside Luggage - What suits your travel needs?
27 June 2013

Ever wonder what the differences are between hardside an softside suitcases besides the obvious? Well we break it down for you in order to help you pick the right type of luggage for your travel needs. So what are the key differences that could help you decide? OUR FAVOURITE HARDSIDE...

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The Vintage Suitcase Chair
30 May 2013

A creative way to recycle your vintage luggage! We are loving this! A vintage Samsonite suitcase is recycled into an amazing chair by South African designer Katie Thomson of REcreate. The Suitcase Chair is upholstered in 100% white linen with Liberty floral fabric and whitewashed wood legs.  What else could...

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How our Samsonite Luggage is Tested for Quality Assurance
27 May 2013

  Ever wonder how your luggage is tested for durability and performance? Well, Samsonite CEO Tim Parker took CNN's Rosie Tomkins on a tour of the companies test and quality lab in Belgium to give us an inside look into all that goes into ensuring you have a quality product...

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