Trochi Warranty


At Trochi, we pride ourselves on producing products that are exquisitely designed yet durable enough to withstand the physical demands of modern, international travel. To this end, Trochi conducts stringent quality control testing of all our suitcases at fully loaded capacity. All Trochi products are put through rigorous testing for strength and durability before any product is offered for public sale.

At Trochi, we care about two things above all else – our products and our customers. If you own a Trochi, we consider you to be family. Trochi is committed to providing only the very best products coupled with unwavering customer care service. Our comprehensive product testing reflects our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Whether you own a Trochi or are thinking of purchasing, you can contact us at any time via our Website’s contact page to ask questions and get additional information about Trochi, the company, Trochi retailers, Trochi products, warranties, repairs, shipping details, etc.



Owning a Trochi is owning a suitcase that is both beautifully designed and lasting. We hope you will enjoy your Trochi luggage for many years to come.

We strive to provide you with a product that is entirely free of defects. Our luggage is rigorously tested to meet the most stringent quality standards. In the highly unlikely event of a manufacturing defect in either material or workmanship, Trochi will, at its discretion, either fix or replace the defective item in accordance with our warranty terms and conditions.

To make an inquiry concerning warranty, contact us directly via our Website’s contact page and a customer service representative will respond the same or next business day.

Some restrictions apply: This warranty covers only manufacturing defects, and does not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items), neglect, accidents, abrasions, normal wear and tear, transport damage (by airlines, for example), exposure to extreme temperatures, or contamination by solvents, acids, or water.

Please note that Canada Luggage Depot is not responsible for any charges associated with product repairs or replacements, including, but not limited to, the cost of packaging, shipping and applicable taxes.